GWADW 2014 in Takayama
25-30 May, 2014


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morning 1
Physics with GW
Cryogenics Simulation Light source &
Future detectors
morning 2
Advanced detectors Cryogenics Simulation Light source &
Future detectors
Lunch KAGRA tour
starts (gr. A)
Poster (A&B)
KAGRA tour
starts (gr. B)
GWADW 2015
& Summary
Atom IFO &
Thermal noise I
KAGRA tour (A)
& Poster (B)
Thermal noise II KAGRA tour (B)
& Poster (A)
Thermal noise I Pulsar Timing Thermal noise II Unconv. &
Funding view
Dinner Reception

KAGRA tour detail is here.
Poster session is here. (PDF file is here.)
All the oral presentations are invited talks.

Program details

Sunday evening

16:00 - 20:00 Registration
17:30 - 21:00 Reception party

Monday morning

7:30 - 10:00 Registration

Setting the Stage (Chair: Stan Whitcomb)

8:20 Welcome talk
8:30 Kazuaki Kuroda (ICRR) "Setting the Stage"
8:55 discussion

Fundamental Physics with GW detectors (Convenors: Stan Whitcomb and Francesco Fidecaro)

9:00 Chris Van Den Broeck (NIKHEF) "Testing the strong-field dynamics of general relativity with gravitational waves"
9:21 discussion
9:25 Enrico Calloni (Naples) "Fundamental physics with infrastructures and technology of GW interferometers"
9:46 discussion
9:50 Matteo Barsuglia (APC) "Earthquake detection and early warning systems with GW detectors working at 0.1 Hz"
10:11 discussion
10:15 Stan Whitcomb (Caltech) "A proposal for testing the Equivalence Principle for Dark Matter using gravitational waves"
10:27 discussion
10:30 Break

10:30-10:35 KAGRA-tour guidance

Challenges in Commissioning of Advanced Detectors (Convenors: Michele Punturo and Daniel Sigg)

11:00 Seiji Kawamura (ICRR) "Commissioning of KAGRA"
11:10 discussion
11:15 Kiwamu Izumi (LIGO) "Commissioning of Advanced LIGO"
11:35 discussion
11:40 Bas Swinkels (EGO) "AdV commissioning activities and plans"
12:00 discussion
12:05 Hartmut Grote (GEO) " Exploring Advanced Techniques with GEO"
12:20 discussion

Monday afernoon

Developments in Atomic Interferometry (Chair: David Tanner)

15:30 Holger Mueller (UC Berkeley) "Atomic gravitational wave detectors: proposals and details"
15:55 discussion

Thermal Noise and Materials I (Convenors: Sheila Rowan and Geppo Cagnoli)

16:00 Geppo Cagnoli (LMA) "Overview talk"
16:25 discussion
16:30 Marielle van Veggel (Glasgow) "Advances in bonding in the construction of mirror suspensions of future generation gravitational wave detectors"
16:55 discussion
17:00 Daniel Heinert (Jena) "Silicon and Sapphire as test masses for cryogenic detectors"
17.25 discussion
17:30 Break
18:00 Livia Conti (Padova) "Effect of heat fluxes on thermal noise of mechanical oscillators"
18:25 discussion
18:30 Kazuhiro Yamamoto (KAGRA) "Thermal noise in KAGRA"
18:55 discussion
19:00 Innocenzo Pinto (Sannio) "The INFN AdCOAT Project"
19:25 discussion
19:30 dinner (reception room)

Tuesday morning

Cryogenics (Convenors: Kentaro Somiya and Ronny Nawrodt)

8:30 Kentaro Somiya "Introduction of the session"
8:35 "Absorption measurement of silicon" (i) Jerome Degallaix (LMA) slide (ii) Angus Bell (Glasgow) slide
9:10 discussion
9:20 Yusuke Sakakibara (ICRR) "Cryogenic system for KAGRA - Status and results of performance test of a cryogenic duct shield"
9:45 discussion
9:50 Ross Birney (UWS) "DLC fabrication capabilities at UWS, with potential applications for protective and high emissivity coatings"
10:05 discussion
10:10 BREAK
10:40 Eiichi Hirose (ICRR) "Development of a cryogenic mirror system for the KAGRA GW detector"
11:00 discussion
11:05 "The KAGRA cryogenic payload - Status and outlook" (i) Alexander Khalaidovski (ICRR) slide (ii) Dan Chen (ICRR) slide
11:30 discussion
11:35 David Tanner (UF) "Experiments towards a cryogenic interferometer: From the sublime to the practical"
11:55 discussion

Tuesday afternoon

12:00 - 18:00 Trip to Kamioka (Group A)
16:00 - 17:30 Poster Presentation (Group B)

Pulsar Timing and CMB (Convenor: Rutger van Haasteren)

18:00 Rutger van Haasteren (JPL) "vPulsars as gravitational-wave detectors I: theory"
18:25 discussion
18:30 Ryan Shannon (CSIRO) "Pulsars as gravitational-wave detectors II: applications"
18:55 discussion
19:00 Vuk Mandic (UMN) "Searching for the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background in Light of the Recent BICEP-2 Result"
19:25 discussion
19:30 dinner (reception room)

Wednesday morning

Simulations (Convenors: Hiroaki Yamamoto and Jerome Degallaix)

8:30 Jerome Degallaix (LMA) "Introduction"
8:50 discussion
8:55 Gabriele Vajente (Caltech) "MIST update"
9:15 discussion
9:20 Daniel Brown (Birmingham) "Implementation of radition pressure in Finesse"
9:40 discussion
9:45 Christopher Wipf (MIT) "Noise budgeting for advanced detectors"
10:05 discussion
10:10 BREAK
10:40 Tomotada Akutsu (NAOJ) "Mitigation of scattering light noise in KAGRA"
11:00 discussion
11:05 Jan Harms (Firenze) "Simulation of quantum scattering effect"
11:25 discussion
11:30 Keiko Kokeyama (LSU) "Preliminary lessons from the ALIGO commissioning"
11:50 discussion

Wednesday afternoon

After-lunch Poster Session
14:00 - 15:30

Thermal Noise and Materials II (Convenors: Sheila Rowan and Geppo Cagnoli)

15:30 Iain Martin (Glasgow) "Mechanical loss of crystalline coatings"
15:55 discussion
16:00 Massimo Granata (LMA) "R&D activity on optical coatings at LMA"
16:25 discussion
16:30 Riccardo Bassiri (Stanford) "Efforts towards reducing coating thermal noise through atomic structure investigations"
16:55 discussion
17:00 Break
17:30 Stefan Ballmer (Syracuse) "Reducing coating thermal noise with folded cavities"
17:55 discussion
18:00 Alberto Gatto (APC) "Thermal noise reduction with higher-order Laguerre-Gauss modes"
18:25 discussion
18:30 Rahul Kumar (ICRR) "Modelling of sapphire suspensions"
18.55 discussion
19:00 Adjourn

19:30 Banquet

Thursday morning

Light sources and Interferometer Topologies (Convenor: Roman Schnabel)

8:30 Roman Schnabel (AEI) "Introduction"
8:55 discussion
9:00 John Miller (MIT) "Decoherence and Degradation of Squeezed States in Quantum Filter Cavities"
9:25 discussion
9:30 Andreas Sawadsky (AEI) "Dissipative opto-mechanical coupling"
9:55 discussion
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Nobuyuki Matsumoto (U Tokyo) "Classical Pendulum Feels Quantum Back-Action"
10:55 discussion
11:00 Haixing Miao (Birmingham) "Intra-cavity filtering scheme for detecting gravitational waves"
11:25 discussion
11:30 Georgia Mansell (ANU) "In-Vacuum OPO squeezer"
11:55 discussion

Thursday afternoon

12:00 - 18:00 Trip to Kamioka (Group B)
16:00 - 17:30 Poster Presentation (Group A)

Unconventional Approaches and Directions (Convenor: Rana Adhikari)

18:00 Jan Harms (INFN Firenze) "Using the Earth & Moon as resonant GW detectors"
18:25 discussion
18:30 Valera Frolov (LLO) "Dark Matter Detection with Laser Interferometers"
18:55 discussion

View from Funding Agencies (Convenor: Seiji Kawamura)

19:00 Mark Coles (NSF) "NSF's Strategic Planning Considerations and the Gravitational Wave Detector Community"
19:30 dinner (reception room)

Friday morning

Future Interferometric Detectors (Convenors: Rana Adhikari and Harald Lueck)

8:30 Matt Evans (MIT) "Timeline and Framework for Future Detectors"
8:45 discussion
8:50 Nicolas Smith-Lefebvre (Caltech) "LIGO-III: Cryogenic Design"
9:05 discussion
9:10 Harald Lueck (AEI) "Einstein Telescope: Status/Progress/Outlook"
9:25 discussion
9:30 Open discussion
10:00 Break
10:30 Ayaka Shoda (U Tokyo) "Torsion Bar Antenna for LF GW Detection"
10:45 discussion
10:50 Annalisa Allocca (U Siena) "Reduction of higher order modes by Central Heating Residual Aberration Correction"
11:05 discussion
11:10 General discussions on future upgrades

Space Antennae (Convenor: Masaki Ando, Chair: Tomotada Akutsu)

11:40 Shuichi Sato (Hosei) "Status of DECIGO"
12:05 discussion

Plans for GWADW 2015 (Convenors: Francesco Fidecaro and Syd Meshkov)

12:10 Stan Whitcomb (Caltech) "GWADW 2015"

Workshop Summary (Chair: Jim Hough)

12:40 Kentaro Somiya (Tokyo Tech) "Workshop Summary"
13:00 Adjourne

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